Longines Calibre Movement and Spare Parts

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Longines.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
Longines 0375Longines 19.79ABCLongines 599.2
Longines 0455Longines 19.80Longines 5D
Longines 10.26Longines 19.95Longines 5D-1
Longines 10.39Longines 192.2Longines 5D-2
Longines 10.40Longines 193.2Longines 5D-3
Longines 10.42Longines 19ALongines 5D-4
Longines 10.68Longines 19ADLongines 5D-5
Longines 10.68ZLongines 19ASLongines 5JH
Longines 10.68ZSLongines 19ASDLongines 5L
Longines 10.85Longines 20.28Longines 5LN
Longines 10.85NLongines 200.2Longines 5LNS
Longines 10.86Longines 200.6Longines 601.2
Longines 10.86NLongines 205.2Longines 624.2
Longines 10LLongines 206.2Longines 626.2
Longines 10LNLongines 209.2Longines 627.1
Longines 10LNSLongines 21-29Longines 627.3
Longines 10LSLongines 21.19Longines 628.1
Longines 11.62Longines 21.29Longines 629.1
Longines 11.62NLongines 21/54/53Longines 631
Longines 11.84Longines 216.2Longines L631.1
Longines 11.87Longines 224.2Longines L632.1
Longines 11.87MLongines 225.2Longines L632.2
Longines 11.88Longines 226.2Longines L633.1
Longines 110LCLongines 22ALongines L633.2
Longines 111.2Longines 22ANLongines L634.1
Longines 111.4Longines 22ASLongines L634.2
Longines 111DLongines 22LLongines 632.5
Longines 111LCLongines 22LSLongines 633
Longines 111LDLongines 22NLongines 633.1
Longines 114.2Longines 23.0Longines 633.2
Longines 115.2Longines 234.2Longines 633.5
Longines 118Longines 235.2Longines 633.6
Longines 118.4Longines 23MLongines 634.1
Longines 119Longines 23MSLongines 634.2
Longines 119.4Longines 23ZLongines 636
Longines 11LLongines 23ZDLongines L636.1
Longines 12.0Longines 23ZNLongines L636.2
Longines 12.19Longines 23ZSLongines 636.5
Longines 12.193Longines 23ZSDLongines 639.2
Longines 12.68ZLongines 240.2Longines 640.1
Longines 12.68Z stopsecond Longines 242.2Longines 641.1
Longines 12.68ZSLongines 25.17Longines 644.1
Longines 12.92Longines 25.17ABCLongines 645.1
Longines 121Longines 250.2Longines 646.2
Longines 122.4Longines 260Longines 650.2
Longines 124Longines 262Longines 651.2
Longines 127.2Longines 263.2Longines 651.3
Longines 12LLongines 270.02Longines 6512
Longines 12LNLongines 270.2Longines 6641
Longines 12LNSLongines 273.2Longines 6642
Longines 12LSLongines 276.2Longines 6651
Longines 13.15Longines 27MLongines 6652
Longines 13.15VLongines 27MSLongines 6902
Longines 13.30Longines 280Longines 6912
Longines 13.31Longines 280RRLongines 6922
Longines 13.33ZLongines 281Longines 6942
Longines 13.34Longines 284Longines 6948
Longines 13.50Longines 285Longines 6952
Longines 13.56Longines 290Longines 6972
Longines 13.67Longines 291Longines 7.43
Longines 13.81Longines 292Longines 7.43B
Longines 13.82Longines 294Longines 7.44
Longines 13.97Longines 302Longines 7.45
Longines 133.2Longines 30CHLongines 7.46
Longines 136Longines 30LLongines 7.47
Longines 13ZNLongines 30LSLongines 7.48
Longines 14.16Longines 310Longines 7/45
Longines 14.16SLongines 320Longines 701
Longines 14.162Longines 330Longines 702
Longines 14.17Longines 332Longines 706
Longines 14.26Longines 334Longines 7212
Longines 14.95Longines 335Longines 728.2
Longines 140Longines 340Longines 730.2
Longines 140.2Longines 341Longines 731.2
Longines 140.6Longines 342Longines 7451
Longines 142.2Longines 343Longines 749.2
Longines 146.2Longines 343.25Longines 755
Longines 15.18Longines 345Longines L761.2
Longines 15.18SLongines 348.1Longines L780.1
Longines 15.23Longines 348.2Longines L787.1
Longines 15.26Longines 349.2Longines 8.23
Longines 15.93Longines 350Longines 8.27
Longines 15.97Longines 350.2Longines 8.28
Longines 150Longines 351Longines 8.37
Longines 150.2Longines 352Longines 8.38
Longines 150.4Longines 37.9Longines 8.47
Longines 151.2Longines 37.93Longines 8.68ABC
Longines 152Longines 37.9ABCLongines 8.68N
Longines 152.2Longines 37.9MLongines 8.68Z
Longines 152.4Longines 37.9NLongines 810
Longines 153Longines 370Longines L817.4
Longines 153.2Longines 380Longines L846.3
Longines 153.6Longines 395.2Longines L846.4
Longines 156Longines 396.2Longines L847.3
Longines 156.2Longines 3LLongines L847.4
Longines 156.4Longines 3QLongines L878.4
Longines 157.2Longines 3WLongines L879.1
Longines 159.4Longines 3W-1Longines L890-1
Longines 15LLongines 3W-2Longines L890-2
Longines 160Longines 410Longines L891-1
Longines 160.2Longines 420Longines L891-2
Longines 161.2Longines L420.1Longines L892-1
Longines 161.4Longines 428Longines L892-2
Longines 163.2Longines 430Longines L893-1
Longines 166.4Longines 431Longines L893-2
Longines 167.2Longines 432Longines 8L
Longines 168Longines 433Longines 8LN
Longines 169.2Longines 450Longines 8LNS
Longines 17.25Longines 460Longines 8M
Longines 17.26Longines 470Longines 8MS
Longines 17.69Longines 472Longines 8N
Longines 17.69ZELongines 473Longines 8NS
Longines 17.79Longines 4775Longines 9.32
Longines 17.79ABCLongines 490Longines 9.35
Longines 17.80Longines 4D2Longines 9.40
Longines 17.80ABCLongines 4LLongines 9.47
Longines 17.89Longines 4LLLongines 9.47N
Longines 17.89 PLATLongines 4LLVLongines 933.1
Longines 17.89ABCLongines 4LNLongines L950.2
Longines 17.89MLongines 5.16Longines L952.2
Longines 17.90ABCLongines 5.16NLongines L953.2
Longines 17.95MLongines 501Longines L954.2
Longines 17.96MLongines 503Longines L960
Longines 170.2Longines 505Longines L961.2
Longines 171.2Longines 506Longines L962
Longines 172.2Longines 506.2Longines L963.2
Longines 173.2Longines 507Longines L970.2
Longines 174.2Longines 508Longines L973.2
Longines 175.2Longines 510Longines L974.2
Longines 176.2Longines 516Longines L976.2
Longines 178.2Longines 520Longines L978.2
Longines 17LLongines 528Longines 989.2
Longines 17L-1Longines 530Longines L990.1
Longines 17LVLongines 538Longines L990.2
Longines 18.26ABCLongines 539Longines L992.1
Longines 18.49Longines 540.2Longines L992.2
Longines 18.49NLongines 540.4Longines L993.1
Longines 18.50Longines 541.2Longines L993.2
Longines 18.69Longines 542.2Longines L994.1
Longines 18.69NLongines 550Longines L994.2
Longines 18.72Longines 560Longines L995.2
Longines 18.79Longines 560.1Longines L996.2
Longines 18.79ABCLongines 560.2Longines 9LT
Longines 18.80Longines 560/1LON L114.2
Longines 18.89Longines 5601Longines L146.2
Longines 18.89ABCLongines 5602Longines L152-4
Longines 18.89NLongines 561.1Longines L954.2
Longines 18.90NLongines 561.2Longines Q105CS
Longines 18.90MLongines 561.3Longines Q105DS
Longines 18.95MLongines 561/1Longines Q106
Longines 18LLongines 562.1Longines Q115CA
Longines 18L/1Longines 562.2Longines Q125
Longines 18LSLongines 563.1Longines Q133
Longines 19ALongines 5741Longines Q161C
Longines 19.4Longines 5742Longines Q161CD
Longines 19.49Longines 5751Longines Q161D
Longines 19.4SLongines 5752Longines Q162D
Longines 19.57Longines 5771Longines Q163CS
Longines 19.71Longines 5772Longines Q164
Longines 19.71ALongines 5841Longines Q164D
Longines 19.71NLongines 5842Longines Q168
Longines 19.73KLongines 5851Longines Q168T
Longines 19.74NLongines 5852Longines Q375
Longines 19.75Longines 5871Longines Q455
Longines 19.75NLongines 5872Longines Q4775