Citizen Calibre Movement and Spare Parts

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Citizen.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
Citizen 2801Citizen 6032ACitizen 8627A
Citizen 2810ACitizen 6038ACitizen 8628A
Citizen 2813ACitizen 6040ACitizen 8629A
Citizen 2818ACitizen 6045ACitizen 8629C
Citizen 2820ACitizen 6046ACitizen 8630A
Citizen 2823ACitizen 6070ACitizen 8640A
Citizen 2828ACitizen 6071ACitizen 8650
Citizen 2830ACitizen 6075ACitizen 8651
Citizen 2831ACitizen 6080Citizen 8711
Citizen 2832ACitizen 6085ACitizen 8810B
Citizen 2833ACitizen 6100 MECHCitizen 8811
Citizen 2834ACitizen 6100 QTZCitizen 8821B
Citizen 2838ACitizen 6100ACitizen 8900A
Citizen 2840ACitizen 6101ACitizen 8910A
Citizen 2850Citizen 6110Citizen 8911A
Citizen 2850ACitizen 6110-17Citizen 8912A
Citizen 2851ACitizen 6110ACitizen 8913A
Citizen 2852ACitizen 6111ACitizen 8920B
Citizen 2853ACitizen 6115ACitizen 8920C
Citizen 2854ACitizen 6117Citizen 8921B
Citizen 2855ACitizen 6150ACitizen 8921C
Citizen 2858ACitizen 6185ACitizen 8922B
Citizen 2860ACitizen 6200Citizen 8922C
Citizen 2863ACitizen 6210Citizen 8930
Citizen 2868ACitizen 6300ACitizen 8940A
Citizen 2870ACitizen 6301ACitizen 8940C
Citizen 2875ACitizen 6302ACitizen 8941
Citizen 2880ACitizen 6320ACitizen 8943
Citizen 2900Citizen 6329Citizen 8944
Citizen 2910Citizen 6350ACitizen 8945
Citizen 2930ECitizen 6355ACitizen 8946
Citizen 2931ACitizen 6380ACitizen 8947
Citizen 2950Citizen 6400Citizen 8948
Citizen 2951ACitizen 6412ACitizen 8950
Citizen 2N50ACitizen 6420Citizen 8951
Citizen 2W20Citizen 6500Citizen 8952
Citizen 2W30Citizen 6501Citizen 8960
Citizen 3000Citizen 6590Citizen 8962
Citizen 3100Citizen 6600Citizen 8970
Citizen 3101Citizen 6601-17Citizen 8980
Citizen 3102Citizen 6650ACitizen 8981
Citizen 3200Citizen 6651ACitizen 8982
Citizen 3201Citizen 6700Citizen 8984
Citizen 3210Citizen 6700ACitizen 8986
Citizen 3220Citizen 6710Citizen 900
Citizen 3220ACitizen 6711Citizen 9002A
Citizen 3300Citizen 6720ACitizen 9010A
Citizen 3301Citizen 6721ACitizen 9011A
Citizen 3302Citizen 6740Citizen 9012A
Citizen 3303Citizen 6750Citizen 9021A
Citizen 3304Citizen 6750ACitizen 9021B
Citizen 3411Citizen 6760Citizen 9025A
Citizen 3413Citizen 6810Citizen 9030A
Citizen 3420ACitizen 6830ACitizen 9040A
Citizen 3421Citizen 6840Citizen 9050A
Citizen 3430Citizen 6840ACitizen 9060A
Citizen 3431Citizen 6850ACitizen 9061A
Citizen 3450ACitizen 6860Citizen 9062A
Citizen 3451Citizen 6870Citizen 9063A
Citizen 3470ACitizen 6870ACitizen 9064A
Citizen 3480ACitizen 6900Citizen 9069A
Citizen 3481Citizen 6950ACitizen 9070A
Citizen 3510ACitizen 6L45Citizen 9080A
Citizen 3530ACitizen 6M02Citizen 9081A
Citizen 3531ACitizen 6N00Citizen 9090A
Citizen 3560ACitizen 6N10Citizen 9100A
Citizen 3570ACitizen 6N30Citizen 9101A
Citizen 3600Citizen 7000ACitizen 9110A
Citizen 3600ACitizen 7000BCitizen 9111A
Citizen 3610ACitizen 7021ACitizen 9120A
Citizen 3612Citizen 7100ACitizen 9121A
Citizen 3620ACitizen 7102ACitizen 9129A
Citizen 3621ACitizen 7102CCitizen 9130A
Citizen 3629ACitizen 7103BCitizen 9140A
Citizen 3630ACitizen 7120BCitizen 9150A
Citizen 3700ACitizen 7120ECitizen 9151A
Citizen 3701 A-BCitizen 7121BCitizen 9160A
Citizen 3702ACitizen 7130BCitizen 9170A
Citizen 3710ACitizen 7130ECitizen 9180A
Citizen 3711ACitizen 7131BCitizen 9181A
Citizen 3721ACitizen 7140BCitizen 9182A
Citizen 3722ACitizen 7200Citizen 9183A
Citizen 3745ACitizen 7203ACitizen 9190A
Citizen 3800ACitizen 7210Citizen 9200
Citizen 3801ACitizen 7211Citizen 9200A
Citizen 3802ACitizen 7220Citizen 9201
Citizen 3810ACitizen 7230Citizen 9202
Citizen 3811ACitizen 7250Citizen 9202A
Citizen 3910ECitizen 7270Citizen 9210
Citizen 3920ECitizen 7280Citizen 9210A
Citizen 3960ACitizen 7290Citizen 9220A
Citizen 3970ACitizen 7291Citizen 9230
Citizen 4000Citizen 7300Citizen 9230A
Citizen 4001Citizen 7300ACitizen 9231
Citizen 4002Citizen 7300CCitizen 9232
Citizen 4010Citizen 7301ACitizen 9240
Citizen 4021ACitizen 7302ACitizen 9240A
Citizen 4031ACitizen 7305Citizen 9250A
Citizen 4101Citizen 7310ACitizen 9270
Citizen 4102Citizen 7312ACitizen 9270A
Citizen 4103Citizen 7315Citizen 9270B
Citizen 4110ACitizen 7330BCitizen 9270C
Citizen 4111Citizen 7331ACitizen 9270D
Citizen 4111ACitizen 7340ECitizen 9270E
Citizen 4112Citizen 7370ACitizen 9300
Citizen 4113Citizen 7400Citizen 9301
Citizen 4120Citizen 7420Citizen 9302
Citizen 4121Citizen 7424Citizen 9303
Citizen 4130Citizen 7430Citizen 9304
Citizen 4220Citizen 7450Citizen 9400A
Citizen 4220GCitizen 7470Citizen 9410A
Citizen 4222Citizen 7500ACitizen 9410M
Citizen 4222GCitizen 7501ACitizen 9415M
Citizen 4228Citizen 7505Citizen 9417M
Citizen 4228GCitizen 7510ACitizen 9440
Citizen 4300ACitizen 7515 (OEM)Citizen 9447M
Citizen 4310Citizen 7521ACitizen 9448M
Citizen 4310ACitizen 7525 (OEM)Citizen 9450A
Citizen 4311Citizen 7529ACitizen 9450B
Citizen 4320ACitizen 7530Citizen 9455M
Citizen 4330ACitizen 7530ACitizen 9457M
Citizen 4340Citizen 7535Citizen 9460A
Citizen 4360ACitizen 7600Citizen 9470A
Citizen 4380ACitizen 7603Citizen 9500A
Citizen 4390ACitizen 7610Citizen 9500B
Citizen 4400Citizen 7611Citizen 9510A
Citizen 4401Citizen 7611-25Citizen 9560
Citizen 4402Citizen 7620Citizen 9562
Citizen 4420ECitizen 7621Citizen 9570A
Citizen 4421ECitizen 7710Citizen 9570B
Citizen 4422ECitizen 7720Citizen 9590
Citizen 4520ACitizen 7730Citizen 9600
Citizen 4600Citizen 7750Citizen 9610
Citizen 4610ACitizen 7751MCitizen 9611A
Citizen 4611ACitizen 7760Citizen 9613
Citizen 4613ACitizen 7790Citizen 9620A
Citizen 4620ACitizen 7801ACitizen 9630A
Citizen 4621Citizen 7802ACitizen 9713
Citizen 4623ACitizen 7803ACitizen 9810
Citizen 4624ACitizen 7804ACitizen 9812
Citizen 4630ACitizen 7810ACitizen 991
Citizen 4631Citizen 7811ACitizen 9T13
Citizen 4633Citizen 7812ACitizen 9T22
Citizen 4640ACitizen 7815ACitizen 9T33
Citizen 4645ACitizen 7817ACitizen A A
Citizen 4710ACitizen 7820ACitizen A114A
Citizen 4711ACitizen 7821ACitizen A119A
Citizen 4713ACitizen 7828ACitizen A134A
Citizen 4760ACitizen 7860ACitizen A139
Citizen 4771ACitizen 7861ACitizen A160M
Citizen 4774ACitizen 7862ACitizen A234A
Citizen 4774MCitizen 7865ACitizen A239A
Citizen 4800ACitizen 7867ACitizen A270M
Citizen 4801ACitizen 7870ACitizen A310A
Citizen 4808ACitizen 7871ACitizen A315A
Citizen 4811Citizen 7872ACitizen A410M
Citizen 4830ACitizen 7873ACitizen A411M
Citizen 4840Citizen 7875ACitizen A413M
Citizen 4850ACitizen 7876ACitizen A710G
Citizen 4921Citizen 7877ACitizen A715G
Citizen 4T48Citizen 7878ACitizen A730G
Citizen 5025ACitizen 7879ACitizen A735G
Citizen 5030ACitizen 7900BCitizen A780G
Citizen 5080ACitizen 7900ECitizen A784G
Citizen 5100Citizen 7902ECitizen A786G
Citizen 5101Citizen 7903ECitizen A800
Citizen 5110Citizen 7920ECitizen A930G
Citizen 5120Citizen 7921BCitizen A980G
Citizen 5201Citizen 7923Citizen B020M
Citizen 5202Citizen 7930ECitizen B023M
Citizen 5203Citizen 7931BCitizen B030M
Citizen 5204Citizen 7933ECitizen B031M
Citizen 5210Citizen 7950ECitizen B033M
Citizen 5220Citizen 7950HCitizen B080M
Citizen 5230Citizen 7951BCitizen B110M
Citizen 5240Citizen 7951JCitizen B117M
Citizen 5250Citizen 7952Citizen B230M
Citizen 5260Citizen 7960ECitizen B232M
Citizen 5270Citizen 7960HCitizen B234M
Citizen 5290Citizen 7961BCitizen B235M
Citizen 5300Citizen 7961JCitizen B236M
Citizen 5301Citizen 7980ECitizen B237M
Citizen 5302Citizen 7990ECitizen B510Z
Citizen 5303Citizen 7991ECitizen B515Z
Citizen 5310Citizen 8000ACitizen B560M
Citizen 5320Citizen 8001ACitizen B612M
Citizen 5321Citizen 8020Citizen B690M
Citizen 5330ACitizen 8050ACitizen B740M
Citizen 5400Citizen 8060ACitizen B741M
Citizen 5401Citizen 8100Citizen B745M
Citizen 5410Citizen 8110ACitizen B800
Citizen 5411Citizen 8120ACitizen B810
Citizen 5420Citizen 8200Citizen B870M
Citizen 5420MCitizen 8205Citizen B872M
Citizen 5421Citizen 8205ACitizen B873M
Citizen 5421ACitizen 8210Citizen B876
Citizen 5422ACitizen 8234ACitizen B877M
Citizen 5430Citizen 8260Citizen B910
Citizen 5430MCitizen 8270Citizen BM UT190
Citizen 5431ACitizen 8280Citizen C010
Citizen 5437MCitizen 8300ACitizen C020
Citizen 5440Citizen 8301ACitizen C021
Citizen 5450Citizen 8305Citizen C022
Citizen 5460Citizen 8305ACitizen C023
Citizen 5470Citizen 8306ACitizen C026
Citizen 5500Citizen 8307Citizen C027
Citizen 5501Citizen 8400A/BCitizen C028
Citizen 5502Citizen 8500ACitizen C029
Citizen 5510Citizen 8501ACitizen C030
Citizen 5513Citizen 8505Citizen C040
Citizen 5520ACitizen 8510ACitizen C046
Citizen 5530ACitizen 8511ACitizen C050
Citizen 5537Citizen 8512ACitizen C050A
Citizen 5701Citizen 8515ACitizen C070
Citizen 5702Citizen 8520ACitizen C080
Citizen 5702-21Citizen 8521ACitizen C091
Citizen 5800Citizen 8522ACitizen C110
Citizen 5810Citizen 8525 (OEM)Citizen C200
Citizen 5811Citizen 8530ACitizen C210
Citizen 5835Citizen 8532ACitizen C201
Citizen 5920ACitizen 8533ACitizen C240
Citizen 5920DCitizen 8535 (OEM)Citizen C300
Citizen 5920ECitizen 8550ACitizen C320
Citizen 5930ACitizen 8551ACitizen C330
Citizen 5930DCitizen 8555Citizen C460
Citizen 5930GCitizen 8560ACitizen C480
Citizen 6000Citizen 8561ACitizen C500E
Citizen 6000ACitizen 8563ACitizen C601
Citizen 6001Citizen 8565Citizen C605
Citizen 6010ACitizen 8600ACitizen C615
Citizen 6015ACitizen 8609ACitizen C650
Citizen 6020ACitizen 8610ACitizen C651
Citizen 6022Citizen 8620 SCWCitizen C652
Citizen 6029ACitizen 8620ACitizen C660
Citizen 6030ACitizen 8625ACitizen C690
Citizen 6031ACitizen 8626ACitizen C700
Citizen 0110Citizen 0201Citizen 1800
Citizen 2301Citizen 2340ACitizen 2520
Citizen Citizen 8260ACitizen 153
Citizen 2500Citizen 2510Citizen E030M
Citizen E010MCitizen E000MCitizen E110M
Citizen E100MCitizen 0410Citizen 0430
Citizen 0510ACitizen 0540ACitizen 0560A
Citizen 2500ACitizen 2510ACitizen 2530A
Citizen 2560ACitizen 5503Citizen 5511
Citizen 6800Citizen 6850Citizen C310
Citizen C350Citizen C351Citizen C352
Citizen C353Citizen C440Citizen C450
Citizen C451Citizen C460Citizen E001
Citizen E011Citizen E031Citizen E101
Citizen E111Citizen E860Citizen E860M
Citizen G820Citizen G820MCitizen U010
Citizen 0870Citizen 0875Citizen E810
Citizen E811Citizen E812Citizen F810
Citizen G430Citizen G620MCitizen G670
Citizen H500MCitizen H570