Bifora Calibre Movement and Spare Parts

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Bifora.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
Bifora 49Bifora 103Bifora 711
Bifora 50Bifora 103Bifora 734
Bifora 51Bifora 104Bifora 735
Bifora 52Bifora 104Bifora 812
Bifora 68Bifora 107Bifora 910
Bifora 69Bifora 111Bifora 934
Bifora 70Bifora 113Bifora 910/1(CLD)
Bifora 84.85Bifora 115Bifora 934(SC)
Bifora 91Bifora 120Bifora 68 CLD
Bifora 102Bifora 130Bifora 85
Bifora 102Bifora 130Bifora 91/1
Bifora 934SI