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Welcome to our site, the premier online destination for all your watch repair and replacement needs. We have been providing quality watch parts and services since 1970. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality watch parts and services at competitive prices. We have a huge collection of Vintage watch spares, Watch movements, New old stock Watch parts information and for sale. We also have assorted watch parts, pocket watch spares.

We understand that watches are more than just timepieces; they are a reflection of your personal style and taste. That’s why we offer a wide selection of watch parts and services to meet all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for a new battery, band, or crystal for your favorite timepiece, we have the parts and expertise to get the job done right.

Our website is designed to make it easy for you to find exactly what you need quickly and easily. We offer detailed product descriptions and helpful diagrams so that you can be sure you’re getting the right part for your watch. We take pride in offering our customers top-notch customer service as well as fast shipping times on all orders.

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience when it comes to finding quality watch parts and services at competitive prices. With our wide selection of products, helpful diagrams and videos, knowledgeable staff, fast shipping times, we are confident that you will find exactly what you need!

About Me

I am Sudarson, a watch mechanic by profession from Chennai, India. I’ve been repairing watches for over 40 years and have the expertise in the craft. I am passionate about my work and take pride in providing quality service to my customers. I have loyal following of customers who come to me for all their watch repair needs. Now, I expand my surplus availability of parts to my customers (I no longer accept repair works due to age factor)

What do we do now?

As the demand for vintage watches continues to grow, so does the need for watch parts. Whether you are a watchmaker, a hobbyist, or just someone who wants to repair their own watch, having access to quality watch parts is essential.

We offer a wide selection of watch parts from some of the top brands in the industry. Our inventory includes everything from vintage/antique or quartz movements and hands to cases and crystals.

Mechanical watch parts are designed to be durable and reliable, so you can trust that your timepiece will keep ticking for years to come. We also offer competitive prices on all our products, so you can get the parts you need without breaking the bank.

We understand that finding the right part for your watch can be difficult, which is why I am leveraging my knowledge to answer any questions you may have. I am always happy to help you find exactly what you need and provide advice on how best to use it. We are confident that you will find exactly what you need for your timepiece.

Most importantly, we also have a huge collections of NOS and used watch movements for sale. For any question or query, do not hesitate to contact via email to check the availability and price.

Reference parts list:

Ebauches SA Watch movement spare parts reference
Ebauches SA Watch movement spare parts reference
  • Part No. 100 Plate
  • Part No. 105 Barrel bridge
  • Part No. 110 Train wheel bridge
  • Part No. 121/3 Balance cock
  • Part No. 125 Pallet cock
  • Part No. 126 Center wheel cock
  • Part No. 182 Barrel and cover
  • Part No. 195 Barrel arbor
  • Part No. 206 Center wheel
  • Part No. 210 Third wheel
  • Part No. 218 Third wheel, for lower end-piece
  • Part No. 227 Sweep second wheel
  • Part No. 245 Cannon pinion
  • Part No. 255 Hour wheel
  • Part No. 260 Minute wheel
  • Part No. 307 Regulator with adjustable stud holder
  • Part No. 336 Upper cap jewel with end-piece. For esc. wheel
  • Part No. 343 Bearing plate, non-jeweled, for sweep second wheel
  • Part No. 346 Lower cap jewel with end-piece, for esc. Wheel
  • Part No. 347 Lower cap jewel with end-piece, for third wheel
  • Part No. 401 Winding stem
  • Part No. 407 Clutch wheel
  • Part No. 410 Winding pinion
  • Part No. 415 Ratchet wheel
  • Part No. 420 Crown wheel
  • Part No. 422 Crown wheel ring
  • Part No. 425 Click
  • Part No. 430 Click spring
  • Part No. 435 Yoke
  • Part No. 440 Yoke spring
  • Part No. 443 Setting lever
  • Part No. 445 Setting lever spring
  • Part No. 450 Setting wheel
  • Part No. 462 Minute work cock
  • Part No. 702 Escape wheel and pinion for two end-pieces
  • Part No. 705 Escape wheel and pinion with straight pivots
  • Part No. 710 Jeweled pallet fork and staff
  • Part No. 714 Pallet staff
  • Part No. 721 Balance with flat hairspring, regulated
  • Part No. 728 Balance staff for shock-protecting device
  • Part No. 730 Roller
  • Part No. 770 Mainspring
  • Part No. 3002 Shock-protecting device, upper
  • Part No. 3003 Shock-protecting device, lower
  • Part No. 5101 Case screw
  • Part No. 5102 Case screw, special
  • Part No. 5105 Barrel bridge screw
  • Part No. 5110 Train wheel bridge screw
  • Part No. 5121 Balance cock screw
  • Part No. 5125 Pallet cock screw
  • Part No. 5126 Center wheel cock screw
  • Part No. 5335 Upper end-piece screw, for escape wheel
  • Part No. 5343 Bearing plate screw, lower sweep second wheel
  • Part No. 5346 Lower end-piece screw, for escape wheel
  • Part No. 5347 Lower end-piece screw, for third wheel
  • Part No. 5415 Rachet wheel screw
  • Part No. 5420 Crown wheel screw
  • Part No. 5425 Click screw
  • Part No. 5443 Setting lever screw
  • Part No. 5445 Screw tor setting lever spring
  • Part No. 5462 Screw for minute work cock
  • Part No. 5738 Hairspring stud screw
  • Part No. 5750 Dial Screw
Watch brand & Calibre Watch brand & Calibre
A Michel Judex
A Shield Jules Jurgenson
Accutron Junghans
Adec Juvenia
Admiral Time Kaiser
AHO Kasper
AHS Kienzle
Akita Kohler
Alpina Kurth
Altus Laco
Amida Landeron
Angeleus Langendorf
Apheal Lapanouse
AR Lavina
Arlon Le Phare
Armitron Lecoultre
Arnex Lemania
Arogno Leonidas
Asco Liengme
Aster LIP
Atlantic Longines
Audemars Piguet Lord
Aurore Lorus
BAA Luch
Baume & Mercier Lucien Picard
Baumgartner Mallard
Bayard Marc Favre
Baylor Marvin
Beguelin Master Time
Belforte Mathey Tissot
Benrus Mauthe
Berger Melano
Bettlach Meylan
Bidlingmeier Mido
Bigalu Minerva
Blancpain Miyota
Borel Modina
Brac Moeris
Breitling Molina
Bulla Montilier
Bulova Movado
Buren MSR
Buser MST
Calvert Muller-Mulheim
Caravelle National
Cartier New Factory Tavennes
Cattin New York Standard
Certina Nivada
Chaika O’Maire
Champ Oberon
Chelsa Octavia
Chezard Omega
Chopard Optima
Citizen ORA
Columbus Orient
Concord Orion
Cortebert Oris
Corum Osco
Court-Essor Otero
Croton Parranin
Culmina Patek Philippe
Cupillard Peseux
Cyma Phenix
Derby Piaget
Desa Pierce
Diehl Piguet
Dodane Poljot
Doxa Precimax
Dufonte Precision
Dugena Pulsar
Durowe PUW
Duwald Rado
Ebauches Sa Raketa
Ebel RAX
Eberhard Raymond Weil
Ebosa Rayville
Election Reconvilier
Elgin Record
Elix Recta
Emes Remex
Enicar Revue
ENZ Ricoh
Epperlien Roamer
Ernest Borel Rockford
ESA Rodania
ETA Rolex
Eterna Ronda
Europa Roseba
Evaco Sandoz
Excelsior Park Savoie
Favre Leuba Schild & Co
FE Seiko
FEF Sellita
Felsa Semca
Femga Seth Thomas
Fiomi Slava
Fleurier Smith
Fleuriur Solvil
Font Sonceboz
Fontainmelon Standard
Forester Stowa
Framelec Stratford
France Ebauches Swiza
Fred. Piguet Synchron
Gallet Tavannes
General Technic
Geneva Sport Watch Telux
Girard Perregau Tenor Dorly
Glashutter Thiel
Glycine Tiffany
Gotham Timex
Gruen Tissot
Guba Tudor
Gueblin Ulysses Nardin
Hamilton Umf
Hampden Unitas
Hanhart Universal
Harley Urofa
Hebdomas Uwersi
Helbros Vacheron Constantine
Helvetia Valjoux
Henzi Pfaff Van Buren
Hermann Becker Venus
Heuer Vostok
Howard Vulcain
Illinois Waltham
Imaco Wasa
Imhoff Webster
Imperial Westclox
Ingersol Westfield
International Watch Winton
Intex Wittnauer
ISA Wyler
Jackle Zaria
Jaeger Lecoultre Zenith
JAZ Zentra
Jeambrun Zodiac

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